People-Focused Analytics. Human-Centered Execution. Sage Beacon

Sage Beacon supports stakeholders to help them collaborate, align, and execute strategic objectives.

We help you clear roadblocks that keep your people from working better, and working together, to realize your organizational mission.

Introducing Sage Beacon Get Started

Introducing Sage Beacon

Sage Beacon empowers you to attain organizational goals by supporting your most important asset: your people. The Sage Beacon platform is a SaaS dashboard that leverages analytics and AI to analyze real data from your stakeholders.

What do we give you?

The ability to identify obstacles hampering effective execution of strategic priorities.

The insight to recognize where stakeholders can work together to solve problems without relying on hands-on management direction.

A birds-eye view of your stakeholder ecosystem with the Synergies Dashboard.

Why Sage Beacon, and Why Now?

Times are challenging, but many businesses and organizations are ready to re-orient for successful operations and growth. Adapting an entire organization and its stakeholders to new environments is a complex task that will not happen through traditional project and team management.
Now, more than ever, leaders need to invest time and attention into their people. Sage Beacon, draws on 25+ years' experience and innovative people analytics, helps you do just that.

How does it work?

Our process is simple:

  1. We meet with you and your team to assess your objectives and needs.
  2. With that data, we build an interview profile that we use to reach out to your stakeholders.
  3. That data, collected at regular intervals, is processed through our AI-powered platform trained by our team of professional consultants and data scientists.
  4. We present this data to you through the Synergies Dashboard to highlight the challenges, objectives, and needs of your stakeholders.

With that intelligence, you and your stakeholders can act to clear obstacles and realize your vision.

What is the Synergies Dashboard?

One of the biggest barriers to successful strategy execution is having challenges shared by multiple stakeholders. The irony of this is that, were these stakeholders to collaborate on addressing these challenges, they would disappear as quickly as they appeared.

The Synergies Dashboard is our tool to help ease that process. The intelligence we supply identifies shared obstacles so that, when they occur, the right people can work together to remove them. That way, not only do you remove a barrier to execution, but you create a harmonious, collaborative team.

Our Mission Get Started

Our Mission

We collectively face new challenges, challenges that have fundamentally altered how we work and collaborate. As companies adjust to the new normal, they’re looking for ways to build new strategies and infrastructures that are sustainable, flexible, and responsive.

Our mission is to help business leaders successfully execute strategies by kickstarting organizational change, accelerating execution, and reorienting organizations for growth. Sage Beacon’s AI-powered SaaS platform extends people-focused analytics across organizations, streamlining execution by enabling stakeholders to work together to remove roadblocks, despite work disruptions.