Talent Acquisition is Dead. How AI and Strategy are the Face of the Modern Workforce


With the emergence of COVID-19, the employment landscape has changed dramatically, and probably for a long time. As the reality of lockdowns, social distancing, and general anxieties about social gatherings settle in, businesses, their employees, and talent acquisition efforts are also trying to settle into their new normal.  

This is a time where businesses are looking to improve their agility and their resilience, whether that’s with new tools or new strategies for success. In this blog series, we’re going to discuss some of those approaches as we see them.  

The team at Sage has had 25+ years of experience in HR and talent acquisition. We believe that this fact gives us a unique perspective on what is, above all, a challenge that starts and ends with the people in your organization.  

Talent Acquisition and the COVID-19 Pandemic  

Talent holding head in front of laptop at cafe bench

If you think that your business operations or your working conditions are going to be the same as they were prior to COVID-19, just over a video conference, then we’re here to burst that bubble.  

Employment is volatile right now. The truth is that no one knows the next weeks or months will bring. We do know, however, is that people are looking to adjust their lives and continue on… whether that’s working, seeking opportunities, starting businesses, or so on.   

With hiring what it is, however, the traditional job of an HR or talent specialist is shifting. Industries, where remote, digitally-connected work is still possible, are thriving, if not adjusting. New ways of hiring, onboarding, and building cohesive professional cultures require a bit of time to implement well, and that’s in the best of times. With the overriding worry and anxiety that many of us are experiencing, adjusting to a new professional life can be difficult. With all this in mind, HR and acquisition are going to play a critical role in maintaining the agility and resilience of your team.   

What Do You Need to Know?  

In this series of articles, we’ll cover the following topics related to team harmony in a remote workforce:

  1. The Impact of AI and the Cloud on Talent Management  
  2. Change Management is the Talent Science of the 21st Century  
  3. Harmony as Productivity with Distributed and Remote Teams  

At the core of each of these topics is the emphasis of having trained HR professionals informing what tools you buy, what strategies you implement, and how you’re organizing your operations to maximize who you have.